L2 Records was founded by Michael Varner. Hailing from Southfield, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, Varner is a music executive with a vision. After years of working in Corporate America, Michael decided it was time for a change. He emptied his savings and created L2, a record label aiming to sign great artists and take them to the next level. L2 Records, short for Live Lit, was founded in 2018 by Varner, the name reflects the type of music he likes and genres he wants the record label to work with – energetic, top 40 dance music.

But Michael hasn’t always been in the music business, he spent over 10 years in corporate America primarily working in corporate governance and executive compensation. While working in New Jersey at a corporate job, Michael ran into a music producer, DJ Denz. This run in inspired him to take a serious look at starting a record label and becoming an executive producer. Michael learned that the same skills he used in corporate America, leading teams and solving problems, aided him in the music production process – leading other producers and figuring out how to take a track to the next level. Michael feels the most inspired when he is developing an artist. He most enjoys working with artists that are looking to improve their tracks by being open to his production notes.

One of Micheal’s inspirations is Sean “Diddy” Combs for his versatility, having vision as an A&R/executive producer to mold artists like Biggie as well as launching several other successful ventures in fashion, fragrance, and spirits. Plus, just like Diddy, Michael loves to party!

Music production isn’t Michael’s first time in the entertainment game. He’s been DJing as a hobby for over five years and he has a love for theatre and comedic acting. His ‘in your face’ personality translates well into music production in the club music space. He signs artists in anything from rap to EDM, as long as it’s hype, Michael is down to sign and executive produce the track.

From Corporate America to acting, Varner is seeking to live his best life with Live Lit. His passion lies in projects that help get the party started and also shut the party down. He wants to sign artists and create music that will reflect his personal, enthusiastic energy.