Joseph Riverson, known by his artist name RIIV, is a singer/songwriter living in Connecticut. Originally from Haiti, Riverson’s journey has been full of ups and downs.

Joseph’s father was a cop in Haiti and for this reason, his family experienced persecution. He even survived attempted arson on his childhood home. In an act to protect his family, his father set off to America alone to prepare his family a safe place to live. By the time Joseph reunited with his father in the U.S., he was 6 years old and barely knew him.

Abused until the age of 15 years old, he began rebelling against his dad and getting in trouble to escape. Joseph broke into a store at the age of 13. He was caught and sent to a detention center. His dad put him in a group home called DOMUS Foundation. It was there Joseph formed friendships and started listening to his inspirations like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. It wasn’t long after that Joseph began singing.

Riverson’s higher toned voice made him stand out as a kid. Other children would comment in a teasing manner and he would reply with positivity saying, “this is the voice God gave me.” The singer has been persecuted since the day he was born but has always found the strength to carry on.

Joseph auditioned for American Idol but was not chosen as a contestant for the live shows. He has worked with various artists that have doubted his talent. People told him he wouldn’t be able to get a record deal simply because he was Haitian. He never let the persecution and disrespect stop him from chasing his dreams.

Joseph continued to create music based on the events that have shaped him. Riverson’s life was changed during the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010. 35 members of his family died. Seeing his mother deal with such loss, hurt him to the core. For so long devastation, rejection, and loss clouded his world. Now Joseph uses all the pain to create positive music that will inspire all of his family in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

He has heard ‘no’ so many times that it has fueled a fire that won’t die. He decided to take that fire and start creating music on his own. His focus is on telling relatable stories. Many of his songs are romantic in nature or stories of pain and hurt. He enjoys the music making process and loves the thrill of recording.

There’s no genre to capture the greatness he possesses. A mix of R&B, Pop, Soul, and EDM, are visible in his current music. Joseph was an independent artist managing his own career up until 2018. He found L2 records and has worked with them on the release of his current single “Beautiful.” The single details what it’s like when you realize you’re in love and how the person you’re falling for is the most beautiful soul in the world. Partnering with L2 Records to create this hit, RIIV is set to blaze a bright path in music. You can watch the lyric video for his recent single “Beautiful” on Youtube. The single is available on all major music platform including Spotify and iTunes. For more information on where you stream “Beautiful”, you can visit